Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are essential to safety. There is no way to be aware of carbon monoxide without one. This harmful gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless yet poisonous and deadly. CO detectors identify trace amounts and provide early warning. The alarm is LOUD and certain to be heard throughout the home. No one is going to sleep through that piercing sound. The alarm ensures sufficient time to get to safety.


Expert Carbon Monoxide Detector Services

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced by burning any fuel. Its exposure can cause sudden illness or death, often before you are even aware it’s in your home. A carbon monoxide detector acts as your silent guardian, vigilantly monitoring your environment for any leakage of the lethal gas. Firefly Electric and Solar is here to provide you with the best quality carbon monoxide detectors on the market, ensuring your peace of mind.

With years of experience in the industry, Firefly Electric and Solar understands the individuality of each building and accordingly suggests the best model of carbon monoxide detectors for you. We believe that the safety of our customers always comes first, and therefore never compromise on the quality of the devices we use for installations.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Installation of these detectors is not just a plug-and-play affair. It requires a nuanced understanding of the local building codes, the layout of your property, and an evaluation of potential cold spots where carbon monoxide can pool. Conveniently, Firefly Electric and Solar brings this unique expertise to the table. Our qualified technicians can assess your property’s features and provide a customized solution that ensures comprehensive detection of carbon monoxide.

Prompt Scheduling and Precise Service

We understand that any lag in installing or replacing carbon monoxide detectors can risk the safety of your structure’s inhabitants. So, we ensure prompt scheduling of new installations, replacements, maintenance, and repair work. Proof of our company’s dedication to exceptional service is our recognition as the 2021 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite. This acknowledgment highlights the trust and confidence that our customers have in service from Firefly Electric and Solar.

Maintenance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Regular maintenance of carbon monoxide detectors is also crucial to keep them functioning optimally. Firefly Electric and Solar provides reliable maintenance service, identifying potential issues before they become significant problems. Our technicians proficiently check the detectors’ effectiveness, ensuring that they are always ready to alert you in case of any danger. If needed, we expertly handle replacements of these detectors to make sure you continue to stay protected.

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In conclusion, the importance of protecting your home or business from carbon monoxide cannot be overstated. Firefly Electric and Solar, with our experienced carbon monoxide detector installation and maintenance services, stands with you in this mission. With our commitment to top-quality, prompt service, and 100% customer satisfaction, Firefly Electric and Solar is indeed the trusted choice for all your electrical needs in Gilbert, Chandler, and beyond.

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Chad and his partner were efficient, professional & friendly! They took down a broken fan and moved the living room fan & light to replace the old one outside. They also put together the new fan & lights to install in the living room. It all took a little over an hour for them to complete! I would use this company again for any electrical service needed!

Kay Peterson

I received a text saying my electrician, Diontae was in route. He showed up early, assessed the job and estimated 3 hrs. He finished 30 minutes early in spite of some unexpected challenges. He also cleaned up afterwards.

Rod Gustafson

Chad arrived early, which was good with me, and proceeded to work nonstop until he was finished (about 5 hours). He installed lighting, an exhaust fan, and a couple of new outlets for my bathroom remodel. Spent some time in the attic when it was nearing 100 degrees outside. Very pleased with the work. I’ll be using Firefly again.

Michael Crandall

Have used Firefly on a couple of occasions now and they always provide excellent service at a good and fair price. Chad was the electrician on this job and he took the time to do the job right. He was careful and conscientious about not banging the ladder into shelves or walls and he made sure the area was clean and all boxes, etc removed at the end of the install. Will definitely use them again.

Jeff D.

Ryan provided us and estimate the day after we called and quickly scheduled Chris to do the work. Chris ran electric & installed a high ceiling fan on a 17′ ceiling. Amazing!!

Dave Reichel

The service was wonderful! They arrived on time and finished on time. They made sure everything was working properly and that I was happy before they left. Would definitely recommend and reuse!

Jennifer Wittmann

Firefly Electric is an awesome company, and I would 100% use them again for future projects. Chad compelted the work at our house and he was very helpful. He explained everything he was doing and provided a nice overview of our lighting options. Chad’s installation of the recessed lights were awesome too. Completely changed the look of our kitchen and dining space. Very pleased with service and end result!

Johnson Luce

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